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After you have been divorced it is possible to go back to court to have the custody of children revisited.  Most people think once they agree to something during their divorce, that is final and they cannot do anything about them.  A divorce decree can be modified regarding custody of the minor children if there is a substantial change in circumstances since the entry of the final order which adversely affects the best interests of the child.  For example, if mom was awarded custody of the child during the divorce.  Now, the children are not doing so well in school, they are tardy to class all the time, they are getting into trouble at school and or with the law.  The children are not thriving with mom, and then Dad can seek to modify the custody order, because clearly, mom cannot take care of the children hence the problems at school and with the law.  Another example, Mom was awarded custody of the children during the divorce, now mom is on drugs or operating or selling drugs out of her home, she of course has no time for the children and she is putting the children is a dangerous situation. Dad can seek to modify the custody order, requesting that he be granted custody of the children, subject to mom's supervised visitation.  If you have lost custody of your children and you would like to the court to readdress the custody decision, contact Crawford & Boyle to pursue a modification action.  Only a qualified experienced attorney can explain the legal and factual issues to support your claim.


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