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Family Law
Family Law


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Family Law & Divorce

Few events in life are as emotionally charged as divorce.  Not only is this the sudden end of a significant relationship, an enormous investment of time, energy and emotion, the uncertainty of the future can be a frightening prospect for anyone.  In even the most amicable divorce cases, this fear can quickly turn to anger, resentment and feelings of betrayal that can often result in a bitter battle in which everyone loses, especially when children and finances are involved.

Divorce case require extra care and consideration because of the emotional aspects involved in dissolving marriages, child custody and property division. Crawford & Boyle, LLC help guide clients through this difficult time and provide them with prompt communication concerning every aspect of their case. When you are involved in a divorce, emotions and feelings can be deeply intertwined in every aspect of the case, and we fully understand these circumstances.

Divorce can be very difficult. You and your family can greatly benefit from the knowledge and experience of Crawford & Boyle. You will be supported by a staff devoted to helping people just like you with legal issues related to family law. Our skilled divorce lawyers will work with you to give you the options you need during this chapter of your life.

We have a philosophy about how we approach all types of family law cases. We understand that this time could be one of the most difficult and traumatic times in your life and your family's lives. That is why we want to offer you the support, attention and consideration that you deserve. The experience that we have to offer is invaluable, and our devotion to your satisfaction is second to none.

We have dedicated our practice to supporting families. If you have a case involving any area of family law, we can offer you experienced legal advice, support and representation. We represent clients in both contested and uncontested divorce, understanding the importance of a collaborative approach such as mediation when necessary to save time, money and stress. We also offer flat fee divorce services if this aligns with your particular case and goals. Our staff has the experience to know how to address the many issues that may arise during your divorce, such as child custody, child support, visitation, property rights, property division, alimony and the recovery of attorney's fees. Your lawyer can analyze your particular financial situation to determine whether you may have the right to or may be asked to pay alimony as well as child support. 


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