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Do I Need A Criminal Lawyer
Criminal Law


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Do I Need A Criminal Lawyer

When an individual has been arrested for a criminal charge, it can be an extremely frightening time, and the accused may not be quite sure what to do. Regardless of how they feels about their innocence or guilt, the individual should remain calm and most importantly remain silent. People have inalienable rights to protect against self-incrimination, and police will willingly collect any evidence or statements they can get from someone who agrees to talk without an attorney present. A person's first action after being arrested for a crime charge is to contact a an experienced local criminal lawyer.

Being charged with a violent crime can seriously affect a person's life; being convicted can devastate it.  When someone is arrested for a criminal offense it is vitally important to retain a local criminal defense attorney as soon as possible following the arrest.  Implementing the correct legal strategy to defend your rights is paramount at the beginning of your case.  At Crawford & Boyle, LLC, a client can expect  personalized service and dedicated legal representation.

As former prosecutors, Eric Crawford and David Boyle are well aware of the procedures being undertaken by law enforcement to gain a conviction.  With their unique insight into the workings of the prosecution, they can mount a well thought out defense on a clients' behalf.  Having the security of a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer protecting their rights allows most clients to feel secure regarding the protection of their rights.

Protect Your Rights. Contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer Today!

Law enforcement spends most of their resources on violent crime investigations as opposed to other less serious crimes.  Therefore, it is highly likely any case brought against someone will be well investigated.  By contacting Crawford & Boyle, LLC, we can begin our own in depth investigation of the facts of the case and establish challenges to any evidence brought against our clients.  We are adept at mounting an aggressive and vigorous defense on a client’s behalf.  

If a person allows his legal representation to be a public defender or  someone less qualified, the consequences can be disastrous.  While public defenders may have their clients' interests at heart, they likely lack experience and the time it takes to present an effective defense.  When choosing an attorney, let Crawford & Boyle, LLC provide the qualified defense needed to fight these serious charges.
Get the dedicated and skilled legal representation needed when facing violent crime charges; contact Crawford & Boyle, LLC as soon as possible.



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