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Crawford & Boyle, LLC provides experienced, effective representation in criminal defense and appeals, The firm’s attorneys are former prosecutors who work closely with each client to develop strategies designed to win their cases, providing the level of individual attention our clients deserve during a stressful and complicated process.  The attorneys have trained police and prosecutors over their careers and know the strengths and weaknesses of the government’s case.  Many of the firm's greatest successes have come when our intense, thorough case preparation has resulted in criminal charges being dismissed, saving our clients the expense and stress of a trial.  However, the firm does not hesitate to go to trial to vindicate our client’s rights.

The firm of Crawford & Boyle was founded on the proposition that those accused of a crime have certain fundamental rights, perhaps most important among those rights is the right to an effective attorney. Clients deserve an attorney who will fight for them. The firms’ attorneys have a reputation for honest, effective, and zealous representation.  Their ability to provide zealous representation in a respectful and professional manner delivers results for their clients and keeps them in high esteem with Judges, Prosecutors, court personnel, and other members of the defense bar.



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