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Woman Thrown Face-First into Concrete Slab Sues Cops

Courtesy of: http://gma.yahoo.com/blogs/abc-blogs/woman-thrown-face-first-concrete-slab-sues-cops-013358328–abc-news-topstories.html


A ChicDUIinjuryago woman is suing a police officer and the town of Skokie, Ill., claiming she was seriously injured when a cop used excessive force when he threw her face first into a jail cell’s concrete bench following a drunk driving arrest.

Cassandra Feuerstein, 47, claims in a federal lawsuit filed Wednesday, that she required reconstructive surgery to “replace the bones that had been shattered” after being pushed into the cell on March 10.

Video, released Wednesday by Feuerstein’s attorney, clearly shows the incident. The four and half minute video initially shows Feuerstein being searched by a female officer. She then briefly leaves the cell, before being shoved back in by a guard identified as Officer Michael Hart.

The video shows Feuerstein’s face slamming against a concrete slab running the length of the cell, before she immediately crumples into a ball. It is unclear from the video whether she lost consciousness. Police officers quickly entered the cell to administer first aid as a pool of blood appears on the floor below her.

Feuerstein claims the officer then filed a false report claiming she resisted police to explain being thrown into the cell.

“The video speaks for itself,” Feuerstein’s lawyer Torreya Hamilton told reporters Wednesday. “She does nothing to justify what this male police officer does.”

Feuerstein does not deny the drunk driving charges and pleaded guilty. Her lawyer has not specified the damages sought in the suit.

“The Village of Skokie expresses deep concern for Ms. Cassandra Feuerstein’s injuries that occurred at the Skokie Police Station earlier this year,” the town’s spokeswoman Ann Tennes said in a statement. “Officer Michael Hart has been on station duty and has no contact with the public. Both the Village of Skokie and the Cook County State’s Attorney have ongoing investigations pending that began when the incident occurred… The Village of Skokie is committed to reaching a full resolution in this matter.”

Woman ordered not to drive waved at officer while driving by

Courtesy of : http://www.wmur.com/news/nh-news/police-woman-ordered-not-to-drive-waved-at-officer-while-driving-by/-/9857858/22338342/-/s79r17z/-/index.html

yellow car

SALEM, N.H. —Bail was withheld this week from a Salem woman accused of driving after she had been ordered not to following two DWI arrests in the past six month.

“Hours after she was released on bail for the DWI charge following the accident, she was a passenger in another vehicle,” said Deputy Chief Shawn Patten. “However, she had an open container of alcohol and was arrested and taken into custody for that charge, as well.”

Police said that on Aug. 28, they received reports from motorists of a woman in a yellow convertible passed out behind the wheel on Route 28. Salem police said they identified the woman as Plum, and she was again arrested and charged with DWI.

Officials said she was released on bail and ordered not to drive.

But police said Plum was behind the wheel again on Sept. 30 when she passed some road work being done on Bluff Street Extension.

“The suspect, while out on bail and two DWI arrests for a second offense, drove by a Salem officer on a detail in her yellow convertible and waved to him as she went by,” Patten said. “That officer was the original arresting officer from the March DWI case.”

Police said that officer knew Plum wasn’t supposed to be driving and warrants were issued for her arrest on driving after suspension.

On Monday, Plum was back in court.

“We just felt that she was a danger to the community and to herself, so our prosecuting attorney argued in front of a judge in Salem that she needed to be held without bail until trial,” Patten said. “We just feel at this point that she’s not getting the point. She’s not taking it seriously.”

Woman Files Suit Claiming She Was Forcibly Strip-Searched by Police

Courtesy of: http://gma.yahoo.com/woman-files-suit-claiming-she-forcibly-strip-searched-115841736–abc-news-topstories.html


An Illinois woman filed a federal lawsuit against police Monday claiming she was forcibly strip-searched and left naked for two minutes following an arrest for driving under the influence.

Dana Holmes, 33, alleged that LaSalle County police officers strip-searched her without legal justification and left her naked in a padded cell.

“I hope they lose their jobs. No one should be treated that way,” Holmes told ABC station WLS-TV in Chicago.

The incident unfolded when Holmes was pulled over by police in Marseilles for speeding May 18. She allegedly told police she’d been at a wedding with her boyfriend, and he was too drunk to drive home. Holmes, according to police, had a blood alcohol level about three times the legal limit.

Holmes was transported to LaSalle County police station where security cameras captured a female deputy patting her down with male deputies standing by. During the pat down, Holmes can be seen on video lifting her leg. That’s when the officers surrounded her and pinned her to the ground.

“I was terrified. I felt helpless,” Holmes said.

Moments later, deputies carried Holmes into a padded room and put her face down on the floor. Three male deputies and the female deputy proceeded to remove all her clothing, leaving her naked for two minutes until an officer tossed Holmes some blankets.

“I was scared and I lay there crying,” Holmes recounted.

Officers allege Holmes tried to kick them during the pat down, according to the incident report.

Illinois law says officers can only conduct a strip search when there is “reasonable belief” that a suspect has a weapon or drugs. The law also states that an individual can only be searched by deputies of the “same sex” and that it “cannot be observed” by anyone not physically conducting the search.

LaSalle County police has no comment regarding the Holmes’ allegations and the lawsuit.

“These were on duty deputy sheriffs humiliating and groping a female inmate. It makes you wonder were these guys ever trained?” Holmes’ attorney, Terry Ekl, said.

Holmes says her civil rights were violated, and she wants justice for the humiliation she suffered.

Holmes has since pleaded guilty to the DUI charge and received probation.



Indiana man calls 911 to report he was driving drunk

Courtesy of: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/04/08/indiana-man-calls-11-to-report-was-driving-drunk/


A northern Indiana man who called 911 and told dispatchers he was driving drunk and needed to be taken off the road got his wish when a sheriff’s deputy arrived.

State Police say 24-year-old Matthew Devore of Logansport was arrested early Monday along Interstate 65 in Jasper County. Police said Devore had a blood-alcohol level of .09, just over Indiana’s legal limit for driving. He was being held at the Jasper County Jail on a driving while intoxicated charge.

State Police say Devore lost control of his car early Monday and it ended up in a grassy median with a flat tire.

Police say Devore then called 911, saying he was a drunk and needed to be taken off the road. A sheriff’s deputy was then dispatched to the scene.

Get a FREE wallet-size card on “What to do if stopped for suspicion of DUI”

DUI checkpointThe attorneys and staff at Crawford and Boyle wish you a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend, and urge you not to drink and drive.  We are frequently asked, however, “what should I do if I am stopped by a police officer for suspicion of DUI?”  We have come up with nine simple steps to follow to give you the greatest possible chance to minimize a DUI conviction and the numerous collateral consequences that come with such a conviction.

For your convenience, we’ve listed those steps below, and we’ve also put them on a credit-card sized card that you can download by clicking here (PDF format).  Print out a copy for your wallet, your glove box, your driver’s side visor, or wherever it will be handy in the event you need it.  Feel free to share it with one friend or all of your friends and family.


1. Be polite and respectful. (You’re probably on camera.)

2. NEVER lie to the officer.

3. NEVER admit to drinking or using drugs, even prescription drugs.  Say “I’m sorry officer, but my attorney told me not to answer any questions without him here.”

4. Decline ALL field sobriety tests.

5. Decline to take the roadside (handheld) breathalizer test.

6. If you are arrested, agree to take the breath or blood test unless:

– you’re under 21

– you were in an accident involving injury or death

– you’ve been convicted of DUI within the last 10 years.

7. Always request an independent test of your blood at a hospital.  (You may be required to pay the cost of the testing.)

8. If there is anything illegal in your car, call a friend or tow truck to retrieve it, preventing a police search.  NEVER consent to a police search of your car.

9. Call Crawford and Boyle IMMEDIATELY so we can begin building a defense strategy.