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Smuggling in undies prompts change at Franklin County jail

Courtesy of: http://www.dispatch.com/content/stories/local/2015/04/15/jail-moves-to-halt-smuggling-in-undies.html

tighty-whities-art-g5t119rk2-1tighty-whities-eq-01-jpgInmates soon can buy their tighty whities at the Franklin County jail commissary. Actually, that will be the only place they can get them.

Either that, or go commando.

Jail officials are tired of finding contraband in the bundles of underwear and socks that relatives, friends and co-conspirators deliver to the inmates.

The county commissioners approved a $94,525, one-year contract with the Acme Supply Co. of Glen Cove, N.Y., yesterday to provide 34,000 T-shirts, 1,500 bras (wireless only), 700 sports bras, 20,000 total men’s boxers and briefs, 6,000 women’s briefs and 46,500 pairs of socks (crew and quarter length).

“All white, one color,” said Dave Masterson, director of administrative services. They won’t say: “Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday” or “Day 1, Day 2, Day 3.”

Inmates can have family and friends put cash in their commissary accounts to buy the undergarments like they do now for snacks.

Jail workers regularly find contraband in the undergarments that people deliver for inmates, Chief Deputy Geoff Stobart said. “They get quite creative.”

People will carefully open a three-pack of T-shirts and rip open the seams to insert contraband such as marijuana or, the latest trend, orally dissolving strips of Suboxone, a drug used to treat heroin addicts, he said. Then they will sew the seam back and heat-seal the package.

Acme will charge the county 89 cents for a pair of men’s briefs (95 cents for boxers) and $2 for a sports bra, the highest-priced item. The county will decide how much to charge inmates, but it will sell them at a profit, Masterson said.

“We’re the only game in town for these guys, so we’re not going to gouge them,” he said.

The jail launders the inmates’ “whites,” Stobart noted, and each gets his or her own clothing back. That’s not the case at all jails, he said.

It was undecided whether the county would add underwear to the packet of hygiene items given to indigent inmates, he said.

If not, they’ll have to go without.

Underwear for inmates “is not a minimum jail standard in Ohio,” Masterson said.

Gov. Nathan Deal to sign medical marijuana bill

Courtesy of: http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/gov-nathan-deal-sign-medical-marijuana-bill/nkwRC/

Medical-Cannabis1ATLANTA —

With a stroke of a pen, Governor Nathan Deal will make medical marijuana legal in Georgia.

Deal is set to sign the bill into law at 11 a.m. that will make the use of cannabis oil legal for eight medical conditions. State health officials say doctors will have to sign off and submit required forms.

The two year battle among lawmakers, medical marijuana supporters and health officials ended with the passage of Haleigh’s Hope Act.

Approved Georgia patients will be allowed to possess 20 ounces of the low THC oil at any given time.  THC is the chemical in marijuana that causes a high.

The Department of Public Health will be working with law enforcement to make sure the system is secure and that officers know what to look for when they come across a patient possessing the oil.

They say they have no idea how many patients to expect, but as many as 500,000 could qualify.

Drunk man finds shelter in Dandenong Magistrates’ Court

Courtesy of: http://www.heraldsun.com.au/leader/outer-east/drunk-man-finds-shelter-in-dandenong-magistrates-court/story-fnrwkhlp-1227294436010

australian mag ctA drunk man looking for a warm spot to take a nap on Thursday decided his best bet was the Dandenong Magistrates’ Court.

Dandenong CIU detective Senior Constable Tony Lavars said a man allegedly smashed a window and crept into the courthouse about 3am on April 2, setting the alarms off in the process.

Police arrived shortly afterwards and found the man asleep in one of the meeting rooms.

A 43-year-old Dandenong man was arrested for being drunk.

“We don’t believe his intent was to burgle the premises,” Sen-Constable Lavars said.

“I believe he was heavily alcohol-affected and possibly seeking shelter.”

Sen-Constable Lavars said no charges had been laid but the man had been interviewed in relation to the damage to the premises.

Court: NYC woman can serve husband with divorce papers via Facebook message

Courtesy of:http://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/04/06/court-nyc-woman-can-serve-husband-with-divorce-papers-via-facebook-message/

A judge has given a New York City woman permission to file for divorce from her elusive husband via a Facebook message.

The woman’s lawyer says the ruling was made by Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper.

The Daily News says Victor Sena Blood-Dzraku will be served with the divorce summons via a private Facebook message. It will be repeated once a week for three consecutive weeks or until “acknowledged” by Ellanora Baidoo’s hard-to-find husband.

Attorney Andrew Spinnell says the couple married in 2009 in a civil ceremony. He says the relationship began to unravel when the defendant reneged on his promise to a traditional Ghanaian wedding ceremony as well.

The ruling says Blood-Dzraku has only been in touch with his wife via phone and Facebook.

Ohio Woman Stabbed Boyfriend Because He Ate All the Salsa, Police Say

Courtesy of: http://www.people.com/article/woman-stabs-boyfriend-salsa-police-report?xid=socialflow_facebook_peoplemag

phyllis-jefferson-01-435Police in Akron, Ohio, say that a woman repeatedly stabbed her boyfriend following a salsa-related dispute.

According to a police report, officers arrived at the scene of the incident and found the victim, a 61-year-old man, clutching his stomach. He said his girlfriend, Phyllis D. Jefferson, 50, of Canton, Ohio, had become angry because he ate all the salsa and then she apparently stabbed him repeatedly with a pen.

Jefferson then allegedly fled but was pulled over by police on Interstate 77, west of Akron. The report states that Jefferson stabbed her boyfriend “because she wanted to leave.” She has been charged with felonious assault and criminal damaging.

Cleveland’s WJW News described the victim’s injuries as “non life-threatening.”

Man only gets $9,172 for jail time from cocaine/soap confusion

Courtesy of: http://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2015/03/25/Man-gets-9172-for-jail-time-from-cocaine-soap-confusion/1161427132524/?spt=sec&or=on

soapMADRID, March 23 (UPI) — A French businessman who spent two months in a Spanish prison before authorities discovered his shipment of “cocaine” was actually soap was awarded $9,172.

Jacques Benoit Fiocconi, a cosmetics entrepreneur from Corsica, was arrested in Catalonia, Spain, in November 2012 while driving a van loaded with soap. He was with his father, Laurent Fiocconi, a former drug trafficker with ties to infamous drug kingpin Pablo Escobar.

The 2,850 bars of soap had been purchased from a factory in Figueres, Spain, but a field test performed by a Spanish Civil Guard patrol tested positive for cocaine.

A December 14 report by the Spanish National Institute of Toxicology determined there was no cocaine in the soap shipment, but it was seven more weeks before a court accepted the report and freed Jacques Benoit Fiocconi.

Laurent Fiocconi remained in custody as part of a probe into alleged drug trafficking linked to French and Spanish criminal gangs.

Jacques Fiocconi sought $90,643.00 from the Ministry of Justice  to cover financial losses and moral damages from his two months in jail, but the ministry ended up paying him only $9,172. The ministry said it paid a “standard rate” of $131 per day he spent behind bars

Police: Trespassing suspect left behind credit card with his name on it used to jimmy door


cc image

WEST SUNBURY, Pa. –  State police in Pennsylvania say a trespassing suspect used his own credit card to jimmy open a garage door, then left it behind when the homeowner suddenly appeared and startled him.

The important clue helped police arrest 41-year-old Brent Henry, of East Butler, on Saturday in Clay Township.

Police tell the Butler Eagle (http://bit.ly/19PtgTC) that Henry used the card to pick the lock at a friend’s mobile home.

Police say the homeowner heard a noise and caught Henry, who ran away but left the credit card behind.

Police say Henry told them he planned to take some gasoline for another friend’s car.

Online court records don’t list a defense attorney to comment on the charges.

Henry faces a preliminary hearing on criminal trespass and other charges April 7

Utah to allow firing squads for executions

Courtesy of: http://www.wxii12.com/national/utah-to-allow-firing-squads-for-executions/31973982


Lethal injection remains the primary method for carrying out executions in the state, Gov. Gary R. Herbert said in a statement. A firing squad would only be used in the event the necessary drugs cannot be obtained.

“Those who voiced opposition to this bill are primarily arguing against capital punishment in general and that decision has already been made in our state,” said Marty Carpenter, a spokesman for Herbert.

“We regret anyone ever commits the heinous crime of aggravated murder to merit the death penalty and we prefer to use our primary method of lethal injection when such a sentence is issued. However, when a jury makes the decision and a judge signs a death warrant, enforcing that lawful decision is the obligation of the executive branch,” he said.

Utah banned death by firing squad in 2004, though inmates who chose that option before the law changed still ended up being shot to death.

The last execution by firing squad was in 2010, and it was also the most recent execution in Utah.

A Utah firing squad also executed Gary Gilmore in 1977, the first death by capital punishment after the U.S. Supreme Court reinstated the death penalty the prior year.

Pot-Tax Refund

Courtesy of: http://www.newser.com/story/201907/all-coloradans-may-get-pot-tax-refund.html


illegal-drugColorado’s marijuana experiment was designed to raise revenue for the state and its schools, but a state law may put some of the tax money directly into residents’ pockets, causing quite a headache for lawmakers. The state constitution limits how much tax money the state can take in before it has to give some back. That means Coloradans may each get their own cut of the $50 million in recreational pot taxes collected in the first year of legal weed. It’s a situation so bizarre that it’s gotten Republicans and Democrats, for once, to agree on a tax issue.

Even some pot shoppers are surprised Colorado may not keep the taxes that were promised to go toward school construction when voters legalized marijuana in 2012. “I have no problem paying taxes if they’re going to schools,” says one shopper, though another, a 50-year-old carpenter, says taxes that add 30% or more to the price of pot, depending on the jurisdiction, are too steep. “I don’t care if they write me a check, or refund it in my taxes, or just give me a free joint next time I come in. The taxes are too high, and they should give it back,” he says. The governor’s budget writers predict the pot refunds could amount to $30.5 million, or about $7.63 per adult in Colorado, although lawmakers still have to decide whether the refunds will go to everybody or just marijuana buyers.

Facebook post lands man in jail

Courtesy of: http://www.star-telegram.com/news/local/crime/article8159526.html

Eddie Smith FBpage (1)MINERAL WELLS , TX

File this one under the category of things best not posted on Facebook.

A 22-year-old Mineral Wells man is behind bars after allegedly posting on his Facebook page that he had more than a dozen warrants out for his arrest.

“So, I have 16 warrants out right now. Lol they know where I’m at tho so, it must not be TOO bad,” Eddie Smith’s Facebook page read on Jan. 20.

That same day, a concerned citizen sent a Facebook message to the Mineral Wells Police Officers Association. Sure enough, investigators looked into the claim and found Smith was wanted on 14 city warrants, according to detective Nick Wells.

We got to digging, came up with a good address and we went out and paid him a visit,” Wells said. “… It’s one of those things where you can poke fun at a lot of things. Don’t poke fun at us. We’ll take care of it.”

The warrants, some from three years ago, ranged from traffic citations like an expired inspection sticker and no insurance to petty theft and totaled more than $1,200 in fines.

Unable to pay his fines or make bond, Smith was ordered by a municipal judge to serve 51 days in jail, Wells said. He was being held Monday in the Palo Pinto County Jail.

Police Chief Dean Sullivan said his department welcomes such bragging on Facebook.

“The NFL calls it ‘unsportsmanlike conduct — excessive celebration,’ a 15-yard penalty,” Sullivan said. “We’ll just call it ‘genius’ and leave it at that.”